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    About Vessels of Change Counseling Services

    Thank you for taking the first step toward your healing journey by seeking assistance. The first step is always the hardest step, and you just did that. Congratulations!!

    Vessels of Change is a culturally responsive, safe place to gain victory over traumas, life’s changes, and relationship challenges. My counseling niche is couples, families with adult children, and adult individuals. I love working with couples and utilizing Prepare Enrich assessment tools in the therapy process. Whether you are seeking premarital counseling, needing to work through relationship challenges, or wanting personal healing so you can present better as a partner, allow me to work with you. I support ALL relationships.

    Each life stage will have challenges. Vessels of Change can support you in any anxiety, depression, and grief/loss challenges; emerging adulthood, life and/or career transitions; unpacking traumas; addictions; and self-worth/esteem challenges. I am here to support you with diagnosed mental or behavioral health conditions that are preventing you from presenting as your “best self”. My approach is person-centered, utilizing an eclectic mix of therapy techniques. I practice cultural relativism, responsiveness, and mindfulness. Each relationship dynamic and each person is unique and will require a unique approach. My forward focused, direct style is tailored to meet the needs of each client and delivered with empathy.

    You have a purpose in life to fulfill and becoming your “best self” is how you will accomplish that purpose. Thank you for allowing me to walk with you, supporting you, on your path of healing and purpose.

    In-Person and/or Virtual sessions available


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    My Mission

    Vessels of Change mission is to provide counseling services and a safe space for the mental, spiritual, and emotional healing from life’s challenges.

    I am here for you.

    Vessels of Change goal is to diminish the stigmas, the stereotypes related to seeking counseling services. You know that something doesn’t feel right, something is off. You don’t feel like yourself.  Your relationships are ending abruptly, and you don’t understand why. Your family life and relationships are toxic and dysfunctional. You have experienced a loss and are struggling each day to function. You feel alone in a room full of people.

     Well, you tried it your way, now it’s time to receive supportive, empathetic assistance. 

    Those defense mechanism and survival techniques that served you well previously are detrimental to you today, in the here and now. Let me help you take off that backpack, that extra baggage of pain and trauma you are carrying. Let’s unpack those traumas, learn to forgive yourself, and learn a healthy way of functioning in this world. 

    This healing process is all about YOU discovering and presenting to the world your best self. 

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